New Owner & Mod Training

As of Redd’s Massive Reform (5-14-12):

This is simply the further development and continuation of the previous Ownership training requirement. Now two separate training programs will be run, one for Mods and one for Members. Any member rank hoping to become a Moderator must complete the simple, basic leadership training program (Mod-Training). Any mod rank hoping to become an Owner must complete the more skillful, leadership-oriented training program (Owner-Training). Exceptions will be made by the Leader(s) based on prior experience in other armies.

As of now, this reform act comes into effect. Two training camps, both mandatory, are being developed. Though mandatory, few events will be scheduled specifically for this training. Mostly, this will be training for arranging events or leading already arranged events.

To enroll and begin your course(s), please talk to a Leader and then proceed to the appropriate course page. Owner or Moderator

From June 1st, 2012, onward all troops must have completed a Moderator course to advance into or within the Mod rank section and an Owner course to advance into or within the Owner rank section. This applies to all troops. Each course must only be taken once. Current Owners do not need to take the Moderator course and current Leaders do not need to take the Owner course.

About »redd ĸool«

Born and raised in Outback, Redd Kool rose from the slums to become a strong political figure in the early Global Defenders Empire. After a colorful history there, once leader, once revolutionary, and once rebel, he abandoned the army to live life as a servant of the Holy Pear. Come as a prophet, he fights for the rise of the Pear's Global Empire.
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