“Rising GD through every Troop is my Goal, and my Drive.”


This website is the home of the Global Defender Academy. Here aspiring troops can train and learn to be better leaders so that they can become successful moderators and owners. As of June 1, 2012, it is a GD requirement to complete a Moderator training course to become a Mod and to complete an Owner training course to become an Owner. In this way, GD will be sure to have leaders ready to keep our army strong. Courses include event leading, event creating, GD history and others. Any troop can take a course, and each course must only be taken once. Courses can be completed anytime, as long as they are completed in order. If a troop so wishes, courses are open to completion as many times as desired.

~Global Defender Academy Staff

Training Uniform

This is the Uniform you should wear to all training events. Does not apply to training in army-wide scheduled events (events on GD site).

Simply be a Plain Light Blue Penguin

Training Chatroom


Same rules as regular chat apply. Usually inactive.

Event Types

Battle Events: Practice Battles, War Battles, Tournament Battles

Non-Battle Events: Training Sessions, Recruiting Sessions

Training-Only Events: Events Only for the Academy

Training Information

Head of Academy: Jack, Icey

Current GD President: Pungy

Current GD VP: Redd

Training Server: Cited When on Chat