One requirement of both courses is knowledge of Global Defenders’ History. For more information on GD history, got to the Saga or other pages on the main site. Trainees will need to know about the following:

Penguin Militia Army (Mother of GD)

Founder and list of Leaders

GD Legends

GD Motto (Not in Latin)

Wars (FGR Wars, Outback Wars, TT Wars)

Penguin Militia


The Penguin Militia Army was created on February 5, 2011 by Pungy1234. At the time, it was a very nooby site. While asking about the WP theme for armies, Pungy recruited Redd Kool. The small army now had five troops: Pungy, Veny (his sister), Ligit Pengy, Negi123456 and Redd.


The PMA as it was called was not very successful. Though the site’s poor appearance and lack of troops contributed, mostly the problem was with gaining recruits. The word “militia” could not be said on CP and therefore prohibited PMA recruiting. This became such a problem that, after only a week, the PMA decided to change its name.

Global Defenders


After it was discovered that PMA would never work, Pungy, Negi, Ligit and Redd came together to decide what to do. the ultimate decision was to rename the army. After a series of names were discarded, finally the Global Defenders was agreed upon unanimously. A new site was created and the army was born on February 13, 2011.


After a while, the Defenders were well on their way. Within two months they had become a Medium army. However, since first becoming a Small Top army to the achievement of Medium Top, the Global Defenders experienced many wars.

The Outback Wars

Outback has always had an odd attachment to Pungy and has always been to the GD as Mammoth is to ACP. Because of this, the 4th Generation of the very small and largely inactive Fort Ghost Recon was the Global Defenders’ first target. In pursuit of Outback, the GD started its first war, and the beginning of a series of FGR Wars. For this, the FGR Wars are considered a small part of the Outback Wars. FGR almost always failed to show up and these battles were very easy and successful. Outback was successfully captured as were many servers.

After taking Outback, GD was determined to crush all claims to it by other armies. We had a series of many wars with small inactive armies who claimed Outback, including an early generation of the CP Flyers. Outback was always successfully recaptured, and we picked up many servers on the way, such as Flippers.

The Thunder Troops War

The Thunder Troops were a brand new army with a small following. They had decided that it would be a good idea to invade our own Flippers. To the GD owners, at the time, this seemed foolish. Flippers was shared with Scouts (who would later merge with us) and both the Scouts and Defenders were Medium Top Ten armies. Flippers, also, was the first large invasion we had, with over 15 troops, so the TT’s invading also seemed to challenge our pride. However, the invasion ended up being a victory for TT as GD had the smaller size.

Losing a server to a noob army seriously humbled the Defenders, but still enraged us. A counter invasion was declared, but Pungy decided that, being in a war with both FGR and Flyers already, there would be no war. A few weeks later TT died out and returned Flippers. Technically there was no war, but it was an important event for GD as we realized we were not unstoppable yet. This all lasted from April 9, 2011, to April 10.